Customs service includes:

  • Fill in a registration form to get an EORI number
  • Preparation of a customs declaration for import of goods received by postal items (SAD, ASAD)
  • Preparation of a declaration for Customs taxable value (DCTV)
  • Preparation of an export invoice
  • Preparation of an EURO certificate (EUR 1)
  • Payment card statement (Pay/Pal)
  • Full customs service door-to-door
  • Customs Representation

From 1 July 2016 "Bulgarian Posts" PLC offers a new service "Customs Representation", which started with the entry into force of "Instruction for customs clearance of international postal items", signed between "Bulgarian Posts" PLC and Customs Agency.

"Bulgarian Posts" PLC, as an indirect representative, may submit on behalf of the client a customs declaration with a reduced data set (under simplified procedure) for goods in postal items if their value are not exceed the equivalent of 1 000 euro.

In case, that the recipient of a postal item wishes to take advantage of the "Customs Representation" service, it is necessary the recipient to provides on site, send by fax, e-mail or by post the necessary documents for customs clearance of items, listed in the "Invitation" to the customs authorities and a "declaration of consent" for its submission by “Bulgarian Posts” PLC to the Customs authorities of Republic of Bulgaria.

The advantages for customers using the new service are:

  • Simplified procedures for declaring goods, which contained in items.
  • Possibility to receive items at destination postal offices.
  • Save time and transport costs.
  • The Amounts for customs duties are paid in advance by “Bulgarian Posts” PLC and are paid by the customer upon receipt of the items.
  • The price of the service "Customs Representation" is 12.00 BGN.

“Bulgarian Posts” PLC take on all the complexity of customs services, offering a complete solution for the needs of the respective customer.

When the customs representation is performed by “Bulgarian Posts” PLC, EORI registration is not required.

ATTENTION: If within five working days the recipient not take the item from the serving post office, the "Customs Representation" is canceled and the item is returned back to the post office to the Customs until the expiry of the 20-days period.

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