The new service of the Bulgarian Posts  - a Stamp with Personalized Vignette, is a stamp with an additional part, separated  by perforation, without face value. The additional part contains an image or text requested by an individual or a legal entity.

The image can be associated with family gatherings, pets, festive traditions, logos, campaigns, etc.. The stamp with personalized vignette can be used as a means for payment  of a postal service. Only the indicated models can be used as a stamp with a nominal value:

The service "Stamp with Personalized Vignette" is granted after the client fills in and signs the contract-order at any post office or directly  at SD "Bulgarian Philately and Numismatics" (BFN), 8, Haydushka Polyana Str., Sofia., Tel. (02) 953 22 33, e-mail: [email protected]

Each customer can print, fill in and sign 3 copies of the Contract-order form, that is  published on the website, and to submit it in a post office.

The contract duration is up to 20 days.

The payment is 100  percent  an  advance. There are three methods of payment: in cash in the post office; in cash at the cash-desk  at SD "Bulgarian Philately and Numismatics",  by bank transfer to the account of BFN (UniCredit Bulbank AD, IBAN: BG65 UNCR 7527 1059 8649 17, BIC: UNCRBGSF) and (Central Cooperative Bank, IBAN: BG54 CECB 10E2 9790 8460 00 BIC: CECBBGSF).

A sheet contains 12 postage stamps with 12 vignettes.

Only a  single  image  is reproduced on one sheet of stamps. The image is submitted  by the customer in electronic format (CD / DVD, Flash memory), email or as an image on photographic paper and should meet the following technical parameters:

For digital images: TIF, PDF, EPS, JPG; maximum 1 MB; resolution 200-600 dpi;

For traditional images on photographic paper the maximum size is 13/18 cm.

The completion, signing and submission of each Contract-order is done after the customer has read the General Terms and Conditions for the users of the production of stamp with personalized vignette service. The General Terms and Conditions administer the method, the order and the rules for ordering a stamp with personalized vignette; the legal and the moral restrictions of the images offered by the client and the responsibility for their violation; the possibilities for refusing an order; technical parameters, etc.

The Client bears full responsibility for the  the image usage legitimacy.

General Terms and Conditions for the service “Stamp with Personalized Vignette”

Models for catalogue:


Contract- order (pdf)