Fill in the item’s tracking number, which consists of:

    For international items:

    13 symbols:  First letter R,С, Е or V, followed by a second letter from A to Z, followed by nine digits, followed by two letters referring to the code of the country, from which the item was sent. For example: RH054250664CN, CP004152151BG, EC610548787UA, VV015975882ES.

    For domestic items:

    A combination of thirteen symbols, both letters and digits. The number begins with the letters PS.

    AVON items can also be tracked.


    All domestic and international postal registered items, parcels and international courier items can be tracked.

    Domestic courier items Bulpost can be tracked here /

    Outbound international items are tracked on Bulgarian Posts’ website until they are dispatched from Bulgaria. After that, they are tracked on the official website of the destination postal operator.

    Inbound international items are tracked on the official website of the postal operator of origin until they arrive in Bulgaria. After that, they are tracked on Bulgarian Posts’ official website.

    An international item can be tracked also on the following website (English), by entering the tracking number of the item in the field “Post/EMS (with USPS)”.

    HERE you can find a list of the designated postal operators in the respective countries on whose websites you can also track your item.



    1. For German items an internal identification code of DHL, consisting of 12 digits (coloured in red), is valid. It can be transformed into the 13-symbol international code here:  enter the 12-digit code of DHL in the field Shipment tracking, press the Search button and the 13-symbol international code will be displayed in a new window - "UPU code/matchcode".