An International Service for Free Return of Items from Germany: Free Return

German companies involved in e-commerce highlight the need for an easy and affordable solution for returning items, given the expansion and huge market potential. For this reason Deutsche Post in collaboration with Bulgarian Posts developed an international service, which allows customers in Bulgaria to return for free items to e-tailers in Germany. The service was launched at Bulgarian Posts’ offices in May, 2013.


  1. You buy goods online from an e-tailer in Germany.
    2. In case you wish to return the goods, you get in touch with the e-tailer in Germany.
    3. In order to facilitate the return the e-tailer, with the help of the e-service “Easy Return” by DHL, generates an address label for return:
  • The e-tailer provides you with the return documents in PDF format by e-mail or
  • The e-tailer provides you with a link to the DHL website, where address labels are generated, so that you can download the PDF document.

The address label for return, the additional instructions for customers and the receipts are presented on the first two pages. You need to print both pages in A4 format with high quality by using a laser or an inkjet printer.

  1. You hand over your “international return parcel” for free at any post office, and present the address label and the two receipts. The customer’s receipt is then signed and stamped by the front office employee; it includes a parcel barcode identifier and a date stamp. It certifies that the parcel was handed over. 

RETURN LABEL (template)

  • The left side of this page is your address label. It contains information used by Bulgarian Posts and their partner for delivery in Germany.
  • All barcodes should be printed legibly.
  • The right side of the page contains instructions for customers and a statement by the customer at the bottom.


RECEIPTS (template):

In addition to the first page the customer should print the second page, which contains two receipts, in A4 format. The top of the page contains a receipt for the customer, and the one below is for the post office of origin.


Parcels are accepted, processed and dispatched in Bulgarian Posts’ network as standard international parcels.


Rectangular-shaped Parcels:

Minimum dimensions:

15 x 11 x 1 cm (length x width x height)

Maximum dimensions:

120 x 60 x 60 cm (length x width x height)

Maximum weight:

31,5 kg


Parcels in the Form of Rolls:

Minimum dimensions:

15 x 5 cm (length x diameter)

Maximum dimensions:

120 x 15 cm (length x diameter)


Cumbersome parcels:

Maximum dimensions:

150 cm (for any dimension)

Maximum dimensions (L+2xW+2xH)

up to 300 cm

Maximum weight:

31,5 kg


A parcel containing goods that are being returned to the seller in Germany can be sent for free at any post office. For additional questions – tel. 02/949 3280.