Subscription postboxes are used to receive unregistered items of correspondence, daily and periodicals, parcel invitations, notices of registered and non-registered mail, money orders and advertising materials addressed to the subscriber. The service is provided during the working hours of the respective post office. The Subscription postboxes are placed in the post offices in places accessible to users of postal services.  

Depending on the size Subscription postboxes are:





Up to 90 mm

Up to 270 mm


Over 90 mm

Over 270 mm

Subscription postboxes are pre-paid and available to rent at any time by prepaying with condition that the term of rent is by the end of the calendar year. The price is calculated on the basis of number of remaining months for the same year and the fixed annual prices. Cash or bank payments are accepted. If the PO BOX is prematurely vacated, the paid amount will not be refunded to the subscriber.

In case of damage of the Subscription postbox due customer’s fault, a fine of 12.00 BGN has to be paid.

In case of damage of the lock or key lost due customer’s fault, a fine of 5.40 BGN has to be paid.

It is prohibited to place in the Subscription postboxes any items other than non-registered items of correspondence, advertising materials, daily and periodicals, notices of registered and non-registered mail and money orders, parcel invitations by both the employees and the customers.

To rent a Subscription postbox it is necessary to submit a written application to the head of the relevant post office.

Legal entities, non-profit organizations and sole traders shall also submit a copy of the registration document or UIC in accordance with Article 23 of the Commercial Register Act.

Applications shall be granted in the order in which they are received according to the number of available boxes.