Postal Items are:

Item of correspondence (letters and/or post card) is a postal item containing written message on any physical carrier to be conveyed and delivered at the address indicated by the sender on the item.

Printed matter is a postal item containing newspapers, periodicals, books, catalogs, reproductions on paper used in printing with an address of sender and recipient written on the packaging.

Small package is a parcel containing objects with or without commercial value with a maximum weight up to 2 kg.

Secogrammes are embossed letters and engravings, sound recordings and special paper, sent from and/or to blind people or people with vision problems, and official institutions for the blind and partially blind people bearing all the insignia.

Postal items can be domestic (to/from the country) and international (originating from or sent to another country).

Items of correspondence, printed matter, small packages and secogrammes can be sent as:

  1. “non-registered” or “”registered” items. Registered item is a negotiated insurance against risk of loss, theft and damage, giving the possibility of tracking the item by barcode number.
  2. non-priority(lower price, implying a longer period of transportation and delivery) or "priority" - transportation and delivery in the fastest way possible.

International registered items are always sent as "priority items".

80% of domestic non-registered non-priority shipments are delivered within 2 working days after posting them at the post office. Domestic non-registered priority items arrive faster to the receiver and 80% of them reach its destination the next working day after posting.


80% of international non-registered non-priority shipments from Europe are delivered within 5 working days after posting. International non-registered items with priority from Europe arrive faster and 85% of them reach their recipient within 3 working days after posting.


Additional Services

„Advice on delivery” – upon payment of an additional price sender receives written notification with a signature from the recipient.

"On demand" - the sender indicates only the post office, zip code and three names recipient. The consignment is handed to the recipient at the post office after claiming it with an ID.

"Insured item" – the postal operator is obliged to reimburse the declared value of the shipment in case of loss, theft or damage. International insured item can be sent only to countries that provide this service.

“Insured item and cash on delivery" – This Service is available only for domestic shipments - the item is delivered to the recipient after paying the amount declared by the sender.

The price of the additional services is added to the price of the weight of the item.

An example about the price of an item of correspondence (letter) sent on the territory of the country weighing up to 50 g.

- regular non priority - price for weight - 0.65 leva;

- regular, priority - price for weight - 1.10 leva.

- Registered non-priority or priority - the price of 0,75 leva is added to the prices for weight mentioned above.

It is obligatory items to be addressed clearly and accurately, and to comply with all the requirements to ensure proper identification of the recipient.

The dimensions of the items cannot be less than 90x140 mm. The sum of the length, width and thickness of the items cannot be more than 900 mm. The largest of the three sizes can be up to 600 mm. Rolls - the sum of the length and twice the diameter must not exceed 1040 mm and the largest size can be up to 900 mm.

Maximum weight of items along with the package:

- Letter items - up to 2 kg;

- Printed matter - up to 5 kg;

- Small packages - up to 2 kg;

- Secogrammes - up to 7 kg.

A requirement for the posted items is that the package should fit the weight and contents of the shipment.

Small packages and printed matter are accepted open in order the contents to be checked.

Receiving international items must comply with all regulatory requirements for customs control and customs clearance as well as requirements for prohibited items and items accepted under certain conditions.

When posting international items, it must be considered that they cannot contain objects and substances prohibited to place in mail items.

Domestic and incoming international registered items are delivered to the recipient or an authorized by the recipient person within 20 days after receiving them at the post office, and if not claimed in this period of time they are returned to sender.

Domestic and incoming international non-registered items are delivered to the mailbox of the recipient's address.

Customs control and customs clearance of international shipments are carried out under the Customs Act and the regulations for its implementation.