Special Drawing Rights: SDR

SDR rate for 2021: 1 SDR = 2,4231 leva

Special Drawing RightsSDR (in english: Special Drawing Right - SDR, in french: les droits de tirage spéciaux - DTS) are International payment unit. Have been created in 1969 by International Monetary Fund as dematerialized international reserve assets.  Used in obtaining tranches of the IMF as well as many other international agreements.

SDR are used in international postal services, luggage insurance of airlines and payments between mobile operators for “roaming” services.

For the needs of  ”Bulgarian Posts” PLC exchange rate of SDR is determined once a year and so calculated rate is the reference for international payments throughout the year. SDR are used by “Bulgarian Posts” PLC for international items at calculating insured value and payment of benefit.

More about SDR – International Monetary Fund