Age Management Training Strategic Partnership for Innovation in the Postal Sector (INNOV'AGE in the Postal Sector)

    The project has been developed and implemented in response to the challenges related to the increase of  the average age of European postal operators’ staff.

    Project Goals:

    Main Goal: Dealing with age management issues in the postal sector by creating an innovative training prototype valorizing intergenerational teams.

    In particular, the following objectives are expected to be achieved:

    • To develop employability of all employees (the senior but also the junior) of the companies.
    • To valorize intergenerational teams and make them more efficient to promote innovation in the companies.
    • To facilitate and stimulate innovation within the partner's company on the age management topic.
    Project No
    Total Budget
    361 384 euro
    Bulgarian Posts’ Budget
    30 745 euro

    Project activities are organized in three intellectual outputs:

    • Research on and mapping age management training needs in the postal sector to valorize and improve performance of intergenerational team.
    • Training curricula, toolkit and process for age management.
    • Conceptual design and test of a training prototype.

    International Project Meetings:

    • 5 transnational meetings: a kick-off meeting (Brussels 5-7.12.2016), a coordination meeting within each of the three intellectual outputs –Athens (6-9.11.2017), Rome (6-9.11.2018) and Sofia (4-6.06., 2019), a final meeting (Strasbourg, 4-5.07.2019).
    • 2 multiplier events: in Athens and Rome.


    • Training needs analysis.
    • Glossary.
    • Elaboration of the career path matrix within the postal organisation.
    • Survey to identify the most adequate management context model.
    • Elaboration of a training toolkit.
    • Design of a training prototype.
    1.09.2016  – 31.08.2019
    Project Leader
    La Poste with the support of PostEurop (Association of the European Public Postal Operators).
    Bulgarian Posts, Hellenic Post (ELTA), Poste Italiane, Cyprus Post, Romanian Post, La Poste, KEK ELTA (Vocational Training Center of Hellenic Post), PostEurop, University of Bordeaux, InoSalus (a Portuguese consulting company)