Training Partnership for a Changing Post

    The project has been developed in response to new challenges in the postal sector and the need for change management.

    Project Goals:

    The partnership objective is to create an efficient and innovative training expert network to anticipate competences for now and for the future for the crucial and critical positions and jobs in the postal sector. 

    Target groups: 

    • Training and Human Resources experts, trainees and the top management of participating postal operators.
    Leonardo da Vinci
    Project No
    Bulgarian Posts’ Budget
    11 000 euro
    1.08.2010 – 31.07.2012

    Project activities are organized in three work packages (WP):

    • WP1:
      • Action 1: Define the critical and crucial positions in the postal sector.
      • Action 2: Filling in a framework description of the critical and crucial positions of each partner and collection of final results.
      • Action 3: Analysis of results to determine common and useful information for each partner.
    • WP2:
      • Action 1: Developing an exhaustive list of partners’ best practices and selection of best training solutions.
      • Action 2: Organization of workshops to identify and analyze trends.
    • WP3: Dissemination of the results for future training needs on key and critical positions in the postal sector.

    International Project Meetings:

    • Paris (16-18.03.2011), Bonn (29-30.09.2011), Istanbul (17-19.10.2011), Madrid (23-24.11.2011), Marseille (8-9.02.2012), Madrid (31.05.2012).


    • Identified critical and crucial jobs in the sector and described needs and competences for now and for the future.
    • Shared best practices.
    • Promoted initiatives in the area of training to anticipate needs.
    • Promoted skills development in a sector in permanent evolution with an important workforce.
     Project Leader
    La Poste
    PostEurop, Bulgarian Posts, Croatian Post, Deutsche Post DHL, Correos y Telégrafos (Spain), Turkish Post (PTT). Observers: Magyar Posta (Hungary), CTT (Portugal), Swiss Post.