Newpost: Upgrading the EU Postal Sector with new Skills

    The project has been developed and implemented in view of the need to develop the skills of postal sector employees in response to modern challenges.

    Project Goals:

    Main Goal: Provide a modern JOINT VET Curricula to support the development of the postal sector by adjusting skills and qualifications of sector workforce to the new trends.

    In particular, the following objectives are expected to be achieved:

    • Increase the employability of young people.
    • Development of a highly skilled, qualified and mobile workforce in the postal sector.
    • Support joint developments in VET in Europe.
    Project No
    Total Budget
    436 150,40 euro
    Bulgarian Posts’ Budget
    24 356 euro

    Target groups: 

    • End users: Current and future employees in the postal sector.
    • Stakeholders: post offices, postal institutions, enterprises in the e-commerce sector and associated partners.

    Project activities are organized in four intellectual outputs:

    • Project management and evaluation.
    • Design or improvement of a joint qualification in VET.
    • Setting up of new sustainable cooperation structures.
    • Dissemination and exploitation.

    International Project Meetings:

    • Working meetings: a kick-off meeting (Athens, 20-21.11.2018), a mid-term meeting (Sofia, November 2019).
    • Final conference (Bucharest, October 2020).


    • 1 new Joint Curricula designed and implemented.
    • 1 new WBL Scheme designed and tested.
    • First Certification of “New Age” postal Employees under PostEurop.
    • 100 postal service employees will be trained with the new curricula.
    1.11.2018 – 31.10.2020
    Project Leader
    AKMI S.A - a Greek organization specialized in educational services
    Bulgarian Posts; Hellenic Post (ELTA); Romanian Post; AKMI S.A; PostEurop; Institute for Training of Personnel in International Organizations (ITPIO), Bulgaria; Readlab, a Greek Research institute; National Agency for Vocational Education and Training (NAVET), Bulgaria; EUROFED, a Romanian non-governmental organization; Eurocert S.A – Greece , a Greek certification body; Eurocert S.A – Romania, a Romanian certification body.