New Integrated Training System on Insurance Intermediary (E-insurance Training)

    The project has been developed in response to the new challenges in the postal sector and the need to diversify the product portfolio, including the financial services offered.

    Project Goals:

    Developing an innovative training program to strengthen the knowledge, competences and skills for selling insurance policies.

    Project activities are organized in four intellectual outputs:

    • Research on training needs to intermediate insurance policies.
    • Training curriculum and associated materials.
    • Training e-toolkit for insurance intermediary.
    • E-Learning platforms.
    Project No
    Total Budget
    131 596 euro
    Bulgarian Posts’ Budget
    18 436 euro

    International Project Meetings:

    • Transnational meetings: Bucharest (25.10.2017), Sofia (14.12.2017), Multiplier events:  Athens (27.02.2019), Sofia (20.02.2019), Bucharest (27.02.2019).


    • Innovative training toolkit – e-learning platform in Bulgarian, Greek and Romanian languages, implemented in the postal operators of Bulgaria, Greece and Romania.
    1.11.2016 – 28.02.2019
    Project Leader
    Romanian Post
    Bulgarian Posts, Hellenic Post (ELTA), Romanian Post, ICI - Bucharest (National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics), Rory Sol (a Romanian company conducting training for insurance brokerage), KEK ELTA (Vocational Training Center of Hellenic Post).