Improvement of the Processing of Inbound International Letter Post by Introducing New Equipment

    The project has been developed and implemented in response to the challenges faced by postal operators arising from the need to handle in a timely manner the growing number of inbound international small packets generated by e-commerce.

    Project Goals:

    Main Goal: to optimize the way of processing of inbound international letter post and thus to achieve improvement of the quality of the services that Bulgarian Posts Plc provides, particularly in terms of speed.

    In particular, the following objectives are expected to be achieved:

    • Purchase and installation of a new “Mail sorting machine for letter post – letters and small packets” at Bulgarian Exchange and Sorting Center (BESC).
    • Purchase and delivery of 2 (two) Electric pallet trucks with platform for BESC.
    • Purchase and delivery of 31 (thirty-one) Manual Stackers for BESC, Exchange and Sorting Centers (ESC) and Processing Nodes (PN).
    Quality of Service Fund, Universal Postal Union
    Project No
    Total Budget
    1 149 494 USD

    Project Activities:

    • Preparing the documentation and conducting of two procedures of public procurement, including for supply of a “Mail sorting machine for letter post – letters and small packets” and for supply of 31 manual stackers and 2 electric pallet trucks with platform.
    • Awarding the contracts to the successful bidders.
    • Delivery and installment of the “Mail sorting machine for letter post – letters and small packets”, including testing and fine tuning.
    • Delivery and distribution of the 31 stackers and 2 electric pallet trucks with platform.
    • Training the personnel to work with the new technical equipment.
    • Control and reporting on the project results and quality performance indicators according to the monitoring method envisaged.

    International Project Meetings:

    • Working meetings: Sofia (November 2018), Italy (July 2019 )
    • Closing meeting: Sofia (September 2019)


    • Reducing the processing time, respectively delivery time of inbound international mail.
    • Liquidation of the quantity of unprocessed daily mail.
    • Reducing the manual labor of staff, responsible for sorting of international mail.
    • Reducing the time for loading, unloading and exchange at ESCs and PNs.
    • Increasing the opportunities for contracting with international companies to deliver e-commerce items.
    Quality of Service Fund funding
    1 107 494 USD
    Bulgarian Posts’
    42 000 USD
    November 2017 – October 2019