Bulgarian Posts Plc informs its customers that it has temporarily suspended the acceptance of outbound international registered and non-registered letter-post items (correspondence, small packages, printed matter and secogrammes), parcels and EMS items to many countries.

    The measure is imposed due to canceled flights by airlines as well as due to major delays in the transportation and delivery of items in a significant number of countries in connection with the measures taken to curb the worldwide spread of the coronavirus. The processing of items in most countries takes longer than usual.

    These circumstances make it impossible to fulfill the service parameters and quality standards. Bulgarian Posts Plc dynamically monitors the situation and looks for opportunities to resume the suspended international services. We are working on finding alternative solutions /including replacing air transport with road transport/, where possible.

    Due to the measures related to COVID-19, parcels, registered and EMS items may not be delivered in line with the established standards and deadlines, according to the provisions in the country of destination.

    Currently, outbound international registered and non-registered items, parcels and EMS items, sent to the countries listed below, are accepted with the type of items marked with “x”:


    Country Registered and non-registered letter-post items
    /correspondence, small packages, printed matter and secogrammes/
    Parcels EMS items
    Afghanistan х х  
    Albania х by surface only  
    Algeria х х  
    Angola х х  
    Argentina х х х
    Armenia х х  
    Austria х х х
    Azerbaijan х х  
    Bahrain х х  
    Bailiwick of Guernsey х х  
    Bangladesh х х  
    Belarus х х х
    Belgium х х х
    Benin х х  
    Bhutan х х  
    Bonaire х х  
    Bosnia and Herzegovina х х х
    Bouvet Island х х  
    Brasil х х х
    Burundi х х  
    Cambodia х х  
    Cameroon х х  
    Canada х х х
    Central African Republic х х  
    Chile х х  
    China х х х
    Croatia х х х
    Curaçao х х  
    Cyprus х х х
    Czech Republic х х х
    Democratic Republic of the Congo х х  
    Denmark х х х
    Egypt х х  
    Equatorial Guinea х х  
    Estonia х х х
    Ethiopia х х  
    Finland х х х
    France х х х
    Gabon х х  
    Germany х х х
    Ghana х х  
    Greece  х by surface only х
    Hungary х х х
    India х х х
    Indonesia х х  
    Iran х by surface only  
    Iraq х х  
    Ireland х х х
    Isle of Man х х  
    Israel х х х
    Italy х х х
    Japan х х х
    Jersey х х  
    Jordan х х  
    Kazakhstan х х  
    Kenya х х  
    Kosovo х х  
    Kuwait х х  
    Kyrgyzstan х х  
    Latvia х х х
    Lebanon х х  
    Liberia х х  
    Liechtenstein х х  
    Lithuania х х х
    Luxembourg х х х
    Madagascar х х  
    Malaysia х х  
    Maldives х х  
    Mali х х  
    Malta х х x
    Mexico х х х
    Moldova х х  
    Monaco х х  
    Montenegro х х х
    Morocco х х  
    Mozambique х х  
    Namibia х х  
    Netherlands х х х
    Nigeria х х  
    North Korea х х  
    North Macedonia  х by surface only х
    Norway х х х
    Pakistan х х  
    Philippines х х  
    Poland х х х
    Portugal х х х
    Qatar х х  
    Republic of the Congo х х  
    Romania х х х
    Russia х х  
    Rwanda х х  
    Saudi Arabia х х  
    Senegal х х  
    Serbia х by surface only х
    Slovakia х х х
    Slovenia х х х
    South Africa х х  
    South Korea х х  
    Spain х х х
    Sri Lanka х х  
    Svalbard and Jan Mayen х х  
    Sweden  х х х
    Switzerland х х х
    Tanzania х х  
    Thailand  х х х
    Togo х х  
    Tunisia  х х  
    Turkey  х by surface only х
    Ukraine х х х
    United Arab Emirates х х  
    United Kingdom of Great Britan  and Northern Ireland х х х
    Uruguay х х  
    USA registered and non registered items with priority
    /correspondence shipments, small packages, printed materials, secograms/
    only by air  
    Vietnam х х  
    Zambia х х